Mission Strategy

Mission Strategy (Afro-Transformationalism)

Afro-Transformationalism is a three-fold strategy designed to help fulfil the mission of the African Transformational Project. Differentiation, Intellectualism and Talent Monetization are the three-fold strategies that make up the Afro-Transformationalism concept. It is envisaged that the implementation of this strategy will equip people of african descent with the requisite knowledge and skills to be unique but competitive in relation to white and yellow people in terms of business, jobs, intellect and the sociology of life


Uniqueness is attractive. Our differentiation strategy is aimed at exploring, developing and deepening features about the african that makes him unique. Music, fashion, movies, parenting, marriage, business and the intellect are some of the areas that the African Transformational Project wishes to explore to differentiate the african from white and yellow people. A differentiated african will be unique, attractive, confident and competitive. The differentiation strategy is to avoid the loss of the african identity. A people without identity have no existence. Our differentiation strategy will be implemented through media content and social activities that will engineer and deepen african identity


The quality of one’s intellect determines if one becomes wise or foolish, rich or poor, weak or strong, superior or inferior, wicked or human. The intellect is the tool that stands between one state of being and another. It is on this basis that the African Transformational Project has adapted the intellectualism of the african as one of its strategies to make the african competitive in relation to the white and yellow people in terms of business, jobs, intellect and the sociology of life. Our intellectualism strategy will be implemented by training our members to think like Kwame Nkrumah, articulate like Malcom X, understand issues like Daniel, be determined like Madam C. J. Walker, live a life of integrity like Dr. King, make money like Mansa Musa, exercise courage like Harriet Truman and lead like Nelson Mandela.  

Talent Monetization

The value of once talent or education is primary  measured in how much money one is able to generate with it. The african community abound with unlimited talents and educated folks but yet poor. The talent monetization strategy is meant to equip the people of african descent with the skills and necessary platforms to convert their talent and educational skills into money. Many Mansa Musa’s, Aliko Dangote’s and other millionaires will be produced because of this strategy. It is our firm believe that the implementation of the talent monetization strategy will help maximize the economic potential of the african community around the world. This talent monetization strategy will move the african nations or communities from poverty into wealth because the wealth of a people or a nation is measured by the combine wealth of its people.