Black people in recent times have been criticized for not doing enough for themselves. People have asked why he is poor in the midst of plenty.  Are black people cursed? Others are of the view that black people are where they are because they are playing victims; they are not taking responsibility for their lives. They are blaming white people for their problems. 

But the question is, how can black people do enough for themselves when majority of them are broken-minded? The human mind can only achieve as much as it has been programmed to believe it can achieve. A man is the product of his thought. The broken mindedness of black people is as a result of the effect of slavery and colonialism. 

The effect of slavery and colonialism on the minds of black people can be felt in the homes, streets and the corners of every black community. Violence, wars, corruption, hatred and disunity are the bane of many black communities. They have become mediocre and uncompetitive – they have settled as second-class human beings. It is accepted thinking among some Africans that white people are better than black people. People who hold the view that they are as capable as white people are ridiculed. This shows how badly the African's mind is broken. It is on this basis that the Africans Transformational project was established. 

It was established to equip people of african descent with the tools to be competitive in relation to white (Caucasian) and yellow (Mongolian) people but distinct in our approach to job, social, governance and business arena.